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Too many people are dying avoidable deaths.


John Giordano's - Life Enhancement Aftercare & Chronic Relapse Recovery Center

is the best opportunity for any addict to gain the knowledge, coping skills and relapse prevention plan they will need for a joyful and lasting recovery.

Our Program Includes These Evidenced Based Treatments:

  •  An extensive life assessment evaluation
  •  We address all addictions and mental health issues
  •  Over 40 hours a month of group and individual counseling and training sessions
  •  Karate and exercise classes to eliminate stress
  •  Individualized health and wellness care plans that include nutrition, diet and gut health
  •  Amino acids, vitamins &  DNA directed therapy
  •  Treating heavy metal toxicity
  •  Life skill training (jobs, relationships, etc.)
  •  Life relapse prevention counseling
  •  Motivational  coaching
  •  Long-term recovery strategies
  •   Spiritual, emotional, and physical development sessions
  •  Private sessions 1 time a week by appointment. (Additional sessions available for a nominal fee)
  •  A copy of John Giordano’s latest book, “How To Beat Your Addictions And live A quality Life”


  •  Ibogaine detox
  •  Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Colonic and Massage  therapies
  •  Hormone replacement therapy
  •  Financing
  •  Housing choices available
  • Transportation Available

Comprehensive Aftercare Is Essential To Recovery

Stop the Relapse Cycle

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