Recovery Program

Life Enhancement Aftercare

& Chronic Relapse Recovery Center Program

Escaping the clutches of addiction is challenging for even the most dedicated person. In the thirty-plus years that I have been clean and treating people for their addictions, I thought I had seen it all. So much has changed in addiction treatment over the last five years since I retired that I’ve decided to return to the field. Too many people are dying avoidable deaths because external forces such as insurance companies and our healthcare system are tying treatment centers hands behind their backs. From my experiences, only a very select few people get the length of stay and type of treatment in treatment long enough to benefit from all they have to offer.

This is why now, more than ever, comprehensive evidenced based aftercare programs have become integral to successful recovery outcomes. Life Enhancement Aftercare Recovery Center will pick up your addiction treatment where you left off. Think of it as an extension of your addiction treatment and beyond. Our recovery program treats the body, mind and spirit. We will teach you the coping mechanisms that have proved to be invaluable in achieving a long and successful recovery.

Moreover, we go to great depths in examining and treating physical co-contributors to addiction such as: nutrition, brain chemistry, heavy metal toxicity and gut health. We use genetically directed therapies developed by Dr. Kenneth Blum – co-discoverer of the first known addiction gene – that have been proven to reduce and even eliminate excessive desires for unhealthy behaviors and pleasure-inducing substances.

Program Includes Evidenced Based Treatments:

  •  An extensive life assessment evaluation
  •  We address all addictions and mental health issues
  •  Over 40 hours a month of group and individual counseling and training sessions
  •  Karate and exercise classes to eliminate stress
  •  Individualized health and wellness care plans that include nutrition, diet and gut health
  •  Amino acids, vitamins &  DNA directed therapy
  •  Treating heavy metal toxicity
  •  Life skill training (jobs, relationships, etc.)
  •  Life relapse prevention counseling
  •  Motivational  coaching
  •  Long-term recovery strategies
  •   Spiritual, emotional, and physical development sessions
  •  Private sessions 1 time a week by appointment. (Additional sessions available for a nominal fee)
  •  A copy of John Giordano’s latest book, “How To Beat Your Addictions And live A quality Life”


  •  Ibogaine detox
  •  Acupuncture
  • Chiropractic
  • Colonic
  • Massage  therapies
  •  Hormone replacement therapy
  •  Financing
  •  Housing choices available

Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday -  6:30pm-8:45pm

After you have completed the program you are invited to join us in group therapy once a month at no charge! 

Too many people are dying avoidable deaths. Life Enhancement Aftercare & Chronic Relapse Recovery Center is the best opportunity for any addict to gain the knowledge, coping skills and relapse prevention plan they will need for a joyful and lasting recovery.

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